3 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Pup to the Pros For Grooming

Oct 25, 2021

Fall can be such a wonderful time—the leaves start to turn, the weather gets cooler, and it means that the holidays are just around the corner. Ever stop to think about whether your dog has recovered from all the summer activities or not? Summer is lots of fun, but it’s important to get into a good post-summer grooming routine so your pup can get fall started off on the right paw. Maintenance or touch-up grooming is OK to do yourself, but when it comes to autumn grooming, you should really leave that up to the professionals.

1. Pros Tackle Everything From Nose to Tail

During a typical session, groomers take care of brushing, bathing, trimming, and even brushing your dog’s teeth. Groomers remove mats, trim toenails, and even pay special attention to the ears, including checking for signs of infection. All those outdoor summer activities like long walks on the beach, hiking on rough terrain, and walking on hot sidewalks can leave your dog with dry, chapped paws. But with a fall grooming session, your groomer will be sure to notice any problems like hot paws, remove allergens trapped in their coat, and repair sun-damaged coats. Grooming can help you stay ahead of any post-summer problems before they get serious.

2. Groomers Have the Right Tools for the Job

Most pet parents have a few basic grooming tools at home like clippers, scissors, and a brush or two. But groomers have access to much more sophisticated tools like rounded scissors to get into all the nooks and crannies, an adjustable grooming table, and different types of clippers and brushes to tackle various coat textures. They also have different specialized shampoos like nontoxic, gentle ones for dogs with skin allergies or irritations, and other ones that can handle more serious issues like fleas.

Professional groomers can also tackle issues commonly missed with at-home grooming like matting, especially on the underside of the pet, behind the ears, and around the rump. Matting can cause significant discomfort and can lead to infection if not treated properly.

3. They Can Handle the Dirty Work

Not only are groomers willing to take on the dirty work like cleaning anal glands, but they’re also highly skilled at it. They can handle a muddy dog, a skunk-sprayed dog, a matted dog, and more. They also use their specialized tools to navigate around your dog’s private parts. Groomers will even take on the tedious task of flea and tick removal. Though unpleasant, these grooming tasks are part of the everyday endeavors of a professional groomer.

Even though it’s cheaper to take care of fall grooming on your own, professional grooming will help you save time and you get the added benefit of the groomer’s expertise and attention to detail. Grooming allows for early detection of bumps, lumps, rashes, and other skin irritations so your pup’s ailments can get treated before they get serious. Groomers are also pretty good at giving advice and recommending products for your dog. Need an expert opinion on something your groomer noticed? Wondering what to look for in a dog groomer? Make a call now to speak to one of our vets. We’re always here to help.