3 benefits of integrating virtual care to support Fear Free Certified Practices

Jan 12, 2022

Airvet and Fear Free are excited to partner together to provide pet owners and veterinary professionals with a virtual solution that utilizes Fear Free principles to improve the experience for all so that you and your team can deliver quality veterinary care and help pets live their happiest, healthiest, and longest lives.

If you are considering implementing virtual vet care into your veterinary practice, here are the top 3 benefits:

1. Leverage virtual visits to eliminate fear, stress, and anxiety by connecting with your patients in their home environment.

For those new patients with a history of anxious practice visits, you can use Airvet to connect with your client on a virtual consultation to discuss how the client can prepare for a successful Fear Free visit to your clinic. To save your team time, Airvet can send out the invitation to the virtual consultation on your behalf with customized instructions that can include the link to your hospital’s digital pre-visit questionnaire (PVQ) form. After your discussion, add a case note instructing clients how to prepare for their pet’s next visit including any treats or toys to bring. When the virtual consultation closes, it will be compiled into a comprehensive case summary PDF that can be added to the patient record in PIMS.

2. Clients can easily use Airvet to document the progress of Fear Free treatments.

Conduct behavior consults virtually in order to observe behavior that a patient may not display during a clinic visit but exhibits when comfortable at home. Avoid the headaches that come when a client emails you video files of a pet’s behavior for your review, but then your computer won’t open or play the video files or you struggle to locate the email again in the hospital’s inbox. Instead of resorting to giving out your cell phone number to receive the file by text, your client can send the video file through an Airvet case. Utilize the case notes to detail the pet’s progress with the Fear Free treatments and intervention strategies.

3. Provide a compassionate approach for a better experience for your clients, patients, and staff

Provide quality, compassionate care for your clients and their pets from arrival to departure by minimizing stressors through Airvet’s virtual case features. With Airvet’s curbside check-in, clients can notify your team upon arrival and reduce the amount of time that their pet spends in the unfamiliar environment of the clinic reception area. The team can send an invoice and chat to forward book any needed follow-ups through the Airvet case for an expedited departure.

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