National Pet Week 2022 is in the books and while every week is Pet Week here at Airvet, we were thrilled to promote the pillars of responsible pet ownership all week long. If you missed our daily blogs and social media posts, not to worry! The following is a recap of last week’s themes and new articles we shared with our community. If you know any pet owners struggling with any of the topics we covered, be sure to share these articles with them or suggest they try talking to a vet on Airvet for personalized support!

Pet Week 2022 Schedule:

Monday 5/2/2022 – Pet Socialization
We kicked off Pet Week by covering the importance of pet socialization for all pets.
Airvet Blog: How to socialize a dog at any age.

Tuesday 5/3/2022 – Pet Nutrition
We took a deep dive on pet nutrition and its impact on pet health.
Airvet Blog: The top ten obesity related medical issues for pets.

Wednesday 5/4/2022 – See Your Vet – Early Treatment Can Save You Money 
We explored the financial aspects of pet care and presented a variety of strategies to help pet parents plan for the unexpected.
Airvet Blog: Are you financially prepared for your pet’s healthcare?

Thursday 5/5/2022 – Traveling with Pets
Safety tips were in order for pet parents who travel with their pets.
Airvet Blog: Safety tips for traveling with a pet

Friday 5/6/2022 – Pet Emergencies Happen
Airvet’s Dr. Turbeville helps pet parents learn how to identify the signs of a pet emergency and what to do in the face of a pet emergency.
Airvet Blog: Pet emergencies: when to take action

Saturday 5/7/2022 – Caring for Senior Pets
To conclude Pet Week, we discussed the special needs of senior pets and how pet parents can help seniors get around more comfortably in their golden years.
Airvet Blog: How to care for an aging pet

And that concludes Pet Week 2022! Thank you for joining in and helping us celebrate responsible pet ownership! We hope pet parents everywhere will continue to reflect on what they can do each day to uplift and enhance their pet’s quality of life. Pets give us unconditional love every single day – we should return the favor in kind.

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Inflammatory bowel disease in dogs

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How to care for an aging pet

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