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Best Practices
Training Your Staff On airVet Platform 
  • If you’re the owner of a practice(s) it’s crucial that your entire staff, veterinarians, technicians, and receptionists alike, all understand the fundamentals of telemedicine and airVet, i.e. when to use it, what it’s for and not for, and the benefits of using it. If you would like to schedule a time(s) for someone from the airVet team to put together a training session either in-person or in a video conference, simply reach out to

Follow Ups 
  • ​A great way to get your clients familiar with airVet is to tell them during an in-office visit that you want to conduct a remote follow-up with them to simply check in on whatever issue they’re in the office for. The more familiar they are with the platform, the more they’ll want to use it. Your relationship with your clients will grow stronger. ​

No More Free Calls!
  • Old habits are hard to break, but veterinarians have to begin to realize (so that their clients can) just how valuable their time is, and stop giving it away for free. Be consistent and continue to direct clients to airVet for all communications so it’s all in one place and easy for doctors to refer back to later to better treat their patients.

Be Online 
  • As you know, airVet works around your schedule. Be online when you want to be available for calls or go offline when you don’t. We know that the day of a veterinarian is always hectic and unpredictable, but the only way you and your clients will get the most out of everything airVet (and telemedicine in general) has to offer is for you to be accessible to your clients in their time of need. If you need to go offline in ‘do not disturb the doctor’ mode, that’s ok! Nobody can be available all the time - but, don’t forget to swipe right to get back online when you’re ready to get back to it.

Accept Calls (if you can) 
  • If you’re online and a call comes in, accept it! (assuming you can, of course). If you realize that a few calls have come in and you’ve been too busy to accept any of them, it may be best to go offline until things settle down a little and you are more available to answer calls. This helps us lessen the wait time for pet parents using the app and waiting to talk to a veterinarian.

Staff Onboarding 
  • When you’ve got clients waiting in the waiting room, that’s a perfect time to have someone on the staff help onboard them. Brag to clients about how you’re in the top 5% of practices who offer telemedicine, encourage them to download and try it out.