Curbside Check In

Save 10 minutes per appointment

Rescuing you from your busy phone lines and saving you time.

With our Curbside Care, checking your patients in has never been easier. Patients check in straight from the app and you receive notifications through the portal. No more busy phone lines!

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Automate client check-in with a single tap

Send custom intake forms

Two-way chat messaging

Contactless payments

Bring clients into the exam room virtually through our telehealth video features

“Getting rid of my on-call phone and moving those calls to Airvet has relieved a lot of my anxiety. Even if I can’t get to the call, I know the doctors in the Network are great.”

Dr. Margaret Bowman, Pioneer Veterinary Clinic

“This allows me to communicate more efficiently which allows me to make more money which allows me to practice better medicine.​​”

Dr. Gaines White, Conyers Animal Hospital​

“It feels like we have an extra doctor and CSR on staff now. We run all of our curbside appointments through Airvet from start to finish and have probably cut 10-15 minutes off each appointment just by getting rid of the back and forth phone calls.”

Dr. Russ Brewer, Care Animal Hospital of Pleasant Prairie

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How Does Airvet work?