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How To Use airVet?
Going Online 
  • ​Assuming you’ve gone through all the above steps, you’re now ready to go online and start taking calls. Remember, your schedule with airVet is as flexible as you want it to be, so you will only receive calls if you have marked yourself as online. If you’re not online, you will not receive calls from your own clients, or any other pet parents.

  • To go online, simply swipe the bubble on the bottom of the screen from left (offline) to right (online). If you are online, the bottom bar will turn green.


Taking calls 
  • If you are online, taking a call is as simple as pressing ‘Accept’ when a call comes in.
  • If you decline the call, or let the call ring through without accepting it in the allotted time, the call may go to another veterinarian either in your hospital (if he/she has signed on as available) or within the airVet network.

Case Notes
  • Following a call, you will be able to add notes or a summary of the call on the post-call screen. These notes will be automatically added to the case, which will be accessible in the future both to you, and to the client from the ‘Case History’ tab in the menu. The client will be notified when notes have been added. Even after a call, you can go into any specific case from the ‘Case History’ tab in the menu and add additional noted at any time.

Case History
  • To access previous calls, notes from calls, and more info about the call, you can go into the main menu tab on the top left of the home screen and tap on ‘Case History.’