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For Vets

What is airVet?


AirVet is the first telehealth platform designed to offer veterinarians like you continuity of care between you and your clients. airVet enables you to offer pet parents a true continuity of care  experience, while helping you drive both per doctor and clinic revenue.


Created by Veterinarians, airVet’s focus is to support and strengthen existing relationships between veterinarians and their own clients. 

What makes us different? 

  • airVet is a vet & practice-first model built to strengthen the bond between pet parents and their veterinarians, not replace it

  • We’re focused on complementing the in-office visit by delivering a continuity of care in between visits

  • Our model is centered around partnering with practices and chains to put dollars in their pockets, not compete for them

  • Instead of acquiring users one-by-one, our practice partners push airVet out to their own clients, because they’re incentivized, and so are their doctors


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