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Your pet’s wellbeing starts with you.

Prioritize your pet’s health with on-demand access to licensed vets and a commitment to routine care.

An easy, affordable way to stay on top of your pet’s health

Airvet is for the everyday and routine care your pet needs each year. Unlike traditional pet care programs, like pet insurance, this annual plan for dogs and cats includes unlimited virtual care, a wellness exam, grooming, vaccines, and more. Get reimbursed within 24 hours for in-person care at any vet in the country, up to $650 each year.

Why invest in preventative and routine pet care.


Maintain overall health and avoid unwanted illness.


Keep current on vaccinations to avoid fatal diseases.


Protect your pet from fleas, ticks & heartworm.

Provide the right level of care at the right time.

Don’t wait to see the veterinarian until problems develop. As with humans, problems are easier to treat when they are caught early. Regular checkups will help detect issues and protect the long-term health of your pet.

What’s included in Airvet Unlimited + Wellness

Unlimited virtual care + routine care reimbursement

Pet type

1 dog or cat per plan

No exclusions for age or pre-existing conditions
Access to 24/7 on-demand virtual pet care with licensed veterinarians
Follow up with the same vet for 72 hours
Reimbursements for routine and preventative in-person care at any vet in the country, including mobile exams and in-home care
Get back up to $650 year
Office visit (1 per year)
Vaccines (3 per year)
Routine bloodwork (1 per year)
Fecal tests (1 per year)
Urinalysis (1 per year)
Grooming ($100 per year)
Flea, tick & heartworm medication ($100 per year)

Keep your pets happy and healthy without breaking the bank.

Providing your pet with everything they need each year to maintain great health can add up. With access to unlimited virtual care and $650 in routine care reimbursement, unexpected bills can be a thing of the past.

Average cost of routine pet care

Routine checkups



$10-$100 per year

Blood work


Fecal test




Flea, tick & heartworm medication

$60-$250 per year


$30-$500 per year

1 urgent care or ER visit that could be avoided by talking to a virtual vet instead


Get Airvet Unlimited + Wellness

Save up to $1,000 every year!

Spend smarter on your annual pet care

Get paid back up to $650 a year for the in-person care your pet needs. Avoid unnecessary and expensive trips to urgent care with 24/7 access to virtual care with the nation’s top vets.

Pet care for the proudly obsessed pet parent

Airvet’s mission is to help pets live their happiest, healthiest, and longest lives.

Year-round care and support

Investing in your pet’s wellbeing starts with the same kind of preventative and routine care humans need. Make a commitment to ongoing annual exams, vaccinations, diagnostic tests and more with a wellness plan that takes the surprise out of paying for pet care.

Save where it matters

Save time and money by avoiding unnecessary emergency off-hour visits or surprise bills with unlimited video calls and a wellness plan that reimburses you for the care you provide.

High-quality care

No need to change the great care you already provide. Get reimbursed at any vet in the country. With unlimited virtual care, access licensed veterinarians with every call.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between pet insurance and a wellness plan?

Pet insurance typically covers injury, illness and accident, which are far less frequent than the routine annual care pets need. Wellness plans work like a savings account for the preventative care pet parents should be providing every year – check-ups, blood work, vaccines, heartworm, flea & tick medication – and more. Paired with 24/7 access to the nation’s top vets via video call and you’ll have an expert on-call to support your day-to-day care questions and concerns.

If you have pet insurance, Airvet Unlimited + Wellness does not replace it, but complements it and will be something you can use whenever you need, not just in the “what if” scenarios. And there are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions and the cost doesn’t go up the older a pet gets.

When can I start using my Wellness plan?

You can begin using your plan immediately after purchase.

What if I want to buy a wellness plan for more than one pet?

Each wellness plan includes one dog or cat. If you have more than one dog or cat, additional costs apply. Please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll help you get set up!

How do I submit a wellness claim?

Simply upload a photo of your receipt and you’ll be reimbursed in 24 hours.

What are your plan cancellation terms?

More than 75% of trips to urgent care can be avoided. Not only do unnecessary trips cost you time, but they can also cost hundreds of dollars per visit. With a subscription to Airvet’s unlimited virtual care, you can avoid the heartache and hassle of long wait times and limited availability after hours and connect directly with a licensed veterinarian from the comfort of your couch. As stated in our Terms of Service, you must cancel at least 10 days prior to your next billing date in order to avoid a charge.

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