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24/7 virtual care network

Our network of over 3,000 licensed vets are dedicated to getting your pets the care they deserve – day or night.

A team of vets on speed dial

Connect with a licensed vet from the comfort of your couch, no appointment necessary.

Save on pet care spending

Cut care costs by avoiding unnecessary trips to the vet with unlimited virtual visits.

No question is too big or small

Get guidance through every step of your pet’s care journey, from every day questions to late-night worries.

Life-saving emergency fund

Immediate first-aid advice and access to a $3,000 life-saving emergency fund.*

Hassle-free access to your fund

Airvet pays the vet clinic directly. You’re eligible for your fund within only two weeks of sign-up.

Guidance through your emergency

From the moment you alert our team, to checking in with you after your emergency visit, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

A dedicated safety net for your pet’s care

No additional fees or hurdles to cover treatment costs if your pet has a pre-existing condition. We love your pet just the way they are.

* The emergency fund only covers life-threatening emergencies for dogs or cats on your membership. Emergency fund eligibility is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

How to use the emergency fund

Alert our team

Connect with our Emergency Team via a video call in the Airvet app.

Get pre-authorized

We’ll confirm if your situation is eligible for use of your life-saving emergency fund.

Get care

Take your pet to the vet clinic of your choice within four hours of alerting our team.

Use fund

Your approved funds will be paid directly to the vet clinic after treatment.

 What the emergency fund covers

Funds may be accessed once a year for one dog or cat covered by your membership. Used funds are replenished each year.

Examples of what's covered

Severe toxic ingestions

Choking or difficulty breathing

Severe blockages or bloat requiring emergency surgery

Severe internal injuries and life-threatening external injuries

Life-threatening emergencies arising from pre-existing diseases

Examples of what's NOT covered

Pregnancy or birth-related issues

Broken bones or injuries that are not life-threatening

Regular check-ups, wellness visits, vaccines

Routine procedures, like deworming

Scheduled surgeries

How an Airvet Membership supports pet families

Jolene faced a pet parent’s worst nightmare when her dog, Lucy, was hit by a car.

Jolene was devastated when a neighbour called to tell her that she had witnessed an accident involving her beloved shepherd-mix, Lucy. She immediately called Airvet and connected with Dr. Werber who guided her through safely transporting Lucy to the emergency room while approving use of her life-saving emergency fund. Jolene’s emergency vet bill was covered by Airvet, saving her thousands in care costs, and Lucy got the care she needed and was able to make a full recovery.

Daniel adopted a bonded pair of kittens, Tater & Tot. As a first time cat owner, he had so many questions.

Daniel met Tater & Tot at an adoption event in his neighbourhood and immediately fell in love and brought them home. However, as a first time cat owner, he quickly realised he had endless questions about his new fur babies. Why did they sleep so much? Why did Tater meow so much at night? Was Tot’s behavior towards Tater too aggressive? When a friend recommended he call Airvet, Daniel was relieved to find a community of experts who were able to answer all his questions and concerns. Months later, Daniel is a confident cat dad who is prepared for anything that might come his way.

Cut the cost of avoidable vet bills to $0

With unlimited access to virtual vet care, you can avoid unnecessary and expensive vet visits. In emergencies that require critical life-saving care, you’ll be protected with up to $3,000 for an emergency vet bill each year.

Adding up the cost of
unexpected vet bills

Avoidable non-urgent vet visit

$50 - $250

Avoidable urgent care visit

$100 - $150

Critical life-saving care

$1,500 - $3,000


$1,650 - $3,350

You’re in good company

Our 200k+ pet families have rated Airvet 4.9/5 stars.

Saved my dog’s life

Saved my dog’s life

This app and Dr. Betsey Richmond saved my dog’s life after getting into a toxic medication. She stayed on with me the whole time and even sent me a message the next day checking on my pet. I am so grateful for this app and have recommended this to several people. Thank you for being there for me when I really needed help.

Nikki A.

Pays for itself

Pays for itself

This is genuinely not only the greatest & most valuable pet-related app I have ever used, but the greatest & most valuable pet-related service I have ever used. 100% worth the monthly subscription fee. Pays for itself (several times over, depending on your local IRL vet fees) in one visit. Honestly, if you have pets, you don’t have a trained veterinarian living in your home, and your finances allow it, there is entirely no reason not to use Airvet.

Bryce F.

Best investment I have made for my cats EVER!

Best investment I have made for my cats EVER!

I was connected in less than a minute to the most amazing, knowledgeable, compassionate vet. Dr Stacy made me feel at complete ease by the end of the video call. This is by far the best investment I have made for my cats EVER! Highly recommended.

Prissana M.

Your guide to better care

Become a member and get access to everything Airvet has to offer, from 24/7 virtual visits with supportive and knowledgeable vets, to a $3,000 life-saving emergency fund.

  • Add up to six pets to your membership
  • Funds replenish annually
  • Cancel anytime

Frequently asked questions

How many pets can be added to a membership?

Up to six family pets can be on your membership.

Where can I use the emergency fund?

You can go to ANY vet clinic in the U.S. or Canada (with the exception of Quebec). Airvet pays the clinic directly.

When can I start using my emergency fund?

For new members, there is a 14-day waiting period before you are eligible to use the fund in a qualifying emergency. You can use the fund once per year for one pet on your membership.

Is this insurance? How is it different?

The Airvet emergency fund is not insurance. It is financial protection in the event of a life-threatening and sudden emergency that has been verified by the Airvet Emergency Fund team. Once you’ve completed your 14-day waiting period, if one of your pets faces an unexpected life-threatening emergency, contact our emergency fund team through the app to let us know what’s going on and see if your pet’s emergency qualifies. If authorized by the Airvet Emergency Fund team, the emergency fund can cover up to $3,000 for diagnostics to evaluate the pet’s condition (e.g. x-rays, ultrasounds, lab work) and the immediate procedures required to save the pet’s life. This can include CPR, life-saving surgery, or other immediately necessary procedures. You can access your fund once a year for one pet on your membership.

What are the cancellation terms?

You can cancel your Airvet membership anytime. You won’t be charged again unless you restart your membership. If you cancel with time left in your billing period, you can use Airvet and will have access to your fund until the end of the billing period at which point your membership will end and you will lose access. You will be subject to a new waiting period if you decide to re-join.

How does the emergency fund work?

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, you may access up to $3,000 to help pay for your pet’s care. This fund can only be used one time per year, for one pet (per membership account) after completing a 14-day waiting period. The emergency fund is included in your Airvet membership and only covers unexpected incidents, it is not insurance and does not cover any scheduled services. Please review the list of exclusions in our Terms of Service. If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected]