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Practice at your peak

With Airvet’s scheduling, payments, case management and client communication tools, you’ll be home in time for dinner (for once).

Made by vets, for vets

Say hello to your all-in-one connected care solution that seamlessly integrates into your workflow.

  • Live video calls

    Connect with clients through an easy-to-use desktop portal and mobile app.

  • 1:1 client messaging

    Reduce calls to the front desk with text, photo and video uploads by chat.

  • Custom digital forms

    Attach intake, history, and surgical forms to appointments to complete beforehand.

  • Smart scheduling

    Automate appointment requests and reminders with a single click.

  • Case management

    All your conversations and notes in one place.

  • One-tap client check-in

    Let clients tell you they’ve arrived before they walk through the door.

  • Digital payments

    Send invoices and receive payment by text.

  • Concierge

    Onboarding, training and ongoing support, plus custom client marketing programs.

Simplify your workflow

Airvet solves multiple pain points in the practice and eliminates bottlenecks.

  • Determine who really needs to come in and keep your exam rooms open for higher value and more urgent visits.

5K+ veterinary professionals

75% less time on the phone

$10K+ additional monthly revenue

#1 rated client experience

Maximize your time.
Modernize your practice.

Airvet revitalizes your team and deepens your client relationships by enabling more modern, comprehensive, and continuous care.

  • Increase efficiency
    Benefit from happier doctors and more empowered technicians with better work-life balance.
  • Grow your practice
    Increase client lifetime value by providing continuous care and up to 6x more touchpoints.
  • Provide exceptional client experience
    Get loyal clients who are delighted by the #1 rated app experience.

Thousands of veterinary professionals throughout the United States and Canada leverage Airvet to deliver a more streamlined workflow and better client experiences.

Success stories.

From national buying groups to independent veterinarians, everyone is talking about how Airvet helps them increase practice revenue, leave work on time, and provide exceptional client experiences.

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Dr. Chris Kelley

“Airvet was very easy to integrate into the practice. My team was set up and connected with our clients in about a day. The 24/7 coverage has been a relief and I feel great knowing we will be kept in the loop on the care and advice being given, so we can pick up where the after-hours team left off.”

Dr. Chris Kelley

Owasso, Oklahoma

20+ years in practice

Dr. Russ Brewer

“It feels like we have an extra doctor and CSR on staff right now. We run all our curbside appointments through Airvet from start to finish, and cut off about 10-15 minutes off each appointment just by getting rid of the back and forth.”

Dr. Russ Brewer

Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

20+ years in practice

Dr. Gaines White

“This allows me to communicate more efficiently which allows me to make more money which allows me to practice better medicine.​​”

Dr. Gaines White

Conyers, GA

30 years in practice

Dr. Melissa Webster

“We’ve been using Airvet for over a year and have been impressed with their team and continued evolution of their platform. They make changes constantly based on vet feedback. My clients love it, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve recommended them to several of my friends and will continue to do so.”

Dr. Melissa Webster

Tampa, Florida

25+ years in practice


Clients love their 5 star experience

…was well worth the small fee to get professional advice…

Our son’s dog, Axel ate a piece of brownie that fell on the floor. I knew chocolate is toxic, so I called his vet and their message suggested the Airvet app. Dr. Lassiter answered a video call at 9 PM and talked me through the various scenarios and referred me to an ER Vet in case Axel started to show signs of toxicity. Dr. Lassiter was very helpful and said I could text him later if Axel gets worse. It was well worth the small fee to get professional advice without having to drag him to the ER Vet in the middle of the night.

Axel's Grandma

Jul 2021

Words can’t express how thankful we are…

“Our family will ALWAYS go to Conyers Animal Hospital and Dr. Johnson is BEYOND knowledgeable, helpful, compassionate, kind and professional. Airvet is a fantastic and helpful quick way to have our furry family taken care of. Words can’t express how thankful we are and how blessed and lucky we are to be clients at CAH.”

The Miller-Wells family

Jul 2021

The pet care experts behind Airvet

  • Dr. Roger Redman

    President, American Assoc. of Veterinary State Boards

  • Dr. Lori Teller

    Board of Directors, American Veterinary Medical Assoc.

  • Steve Eidelman

    Founder, Whistle and Founder/CEO, Modern Animal

  • Dr. Bob Lester

    Chief Medical Officer, WellHaven

  • Dr. Kerri Marshall

    Member of the Board of Advisors, Airvet

  • Bob Antin

    Founder/CEO, VCA Animal Hospitals

  • Marcie Whichard

    Board of Directors, North American Veterinary Community

  • Dr. Jeff Werber

    Chief Veterinary Officer, Airvet

How it works

Frequently asked questions

    • How much does Airvet cost?

      There is a low annual fee to use Airvet based on the number of veterinarians in your practice. The fee covers our platform costs for usage, data, and storing all calls in the event you need to refer back to a conversation from the past. Please email or contact us for pricing.

    • Does Airvet integrate with my practice management solution?

      Yes. Airvet integrates with most major practice management systems including Cornerstone, AVImark and Impromed.

    • Do I need any special equipment or training?

      Airvet works on any device with an internet browser and connection. With a web-based portal and mobile phone app, Airvet is highly portable. The user interface is intuitive and Airvet’s team of customer success professionals will make sure that you are trained and comfortable from day one.

    • How much does it cost my clients to use Airvet?

      The Airvet app is free for pet parents. Hospitals using Airvet in their practice have the option to set their fee for New Exams and Follow-ups directly in the portal.