Partner with us to strengthen your lifesaving efforts and outcomes

By providing access to affordable, trusted, and reliable veterinary care, pet parents can get the help they need anytime, anywhere.

Airvet empowers pet parents and supports the total health and wellbeing of every pet.


Decrease staff and volunteer workload

By using the Airvet platform, our partners have been able to find more time in their day to do what matters most. Find out how connected care through Airvet can support you and your team.


Reduce pet relinquishment

Pet owners unfortunately relinquish their pets for a number of reasons, but how many might think twice if they had access to affordable virtual vet care to give them more confidence with their pet’s care? Airvet supports pet parents and helps reduce the number of relinquished pets.


Support successful adoptions

Grow your foster pet parent team, and save more lives than ever before. Introducing a new pet into the home can be a stressful experience. With virtual vet care through Airvet, your adopters and fosters can feel more confident, leading to higher success rates for pet rescues.

Learn more about how Airvet can support you, your team, and the pets you love.