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As you know, VCPR requirements can vary state by state. In most cases, if you’re answering a call from one of your own clients, or from a client of your hospital, it’s likely you’ve already got a valid VCPR, since a valid VCPR can only be created and maintained through physical and in person interaction with a pet. Here’s how you’d want to operate with and without a VCPR:


  • If you do have a valid VCPR under your state’s guidelines, you can treat your client exactly as you would for an in-office visit; i.e. you can diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications and treatment plans.


  • If you don’t have a valid VCPR, you still have the ability to really help pet parents! Most states do allow veterinarians even without a VCPR to provide guidance, advice, and general support/education to pet parents. In many cases, this is truly all that’s needed. It is your responsibility as the doctor to ensure that you abide by your state’s guidelines and provide care accordingly.