Veterinarian FAQ

What is the difference between Telemedicine and Telehealth?

By definition, Telemedicine gives a doctor the permission to diagnose and, if necessary, treat a patient electronically via phone or computer (i.e. text, chat, FaceTime, etc.). Prescriptions can be ordered, filled and either picked up or delivered with the doctor’s prescription. Telehealth, also known as Tele-triage or Tele-advice, allows a doctor to explain what a problem may be, educate the pet-parent, and suggest or advise a possible solution. In most states, in order to practice Telemedicine, a VCPR (Veterinarian-Client- Patient-Relationship) must exist. If a VCPR does not exist, the veterinarian taking a call can only practice Telehealth and provide only high level support, education, triage, and general medical advice.

How do I sign-up for Airvet?

Here are the steps to get started: 1. Download the app from the links below iOS Android Follow the simple steps to get your account setup, start a call and test it out! If you’ve already downloaded the app and submitted your application for review and verification, you can skip to the next section, III. Verification. If you haven’t please follow steps 1-3 below: Step 1) Download the Veterinarian app from the App Store or Google Play Step 2) Create your account and follow the application submission process (~2 min) Step 3) Confirm your application and submit it to the airVet team for review and verification

Airvet and the VCPR - Is Airvet VCPR compliant?

Yes! And, we offer free compliance training to any vet or staff member who wants to learn more about it!

How do I edit my profile information?

Select the Menu button in the top left of the app, and tap ‘Profile’. Then select the ‘Edit’ button by the item you would like to change.

How do I edit my billing information?

If you select the Menu button in the top left of the app, you’ll see ‘Billing’. Tapping on that will take you to Stripe Connect where you can modify all of your billing settings.

How do I contact Airvet for support?

You can email and a member of our team will get back to as soon as we can!

Does Airvet work on Android devices? Apple?

Airvet is available on both Apple and Android devices and can be found on the App Store or Google Play store. Desktop is coming soon!

How does my profile get verified so that I can begin taking calls on Airvet?

Once you’ve completed and submitted your application, it will be pending for review and verification for up to 72 hours (in most cases). Within 72 hours of submission, you will be notified via email and/or push notification that you’ve been verified and can then complete your airVet account. The quality of veterinarians who use the airVet platform is our absolute top priority and we take this verification process very seriously to ensure we maintain our promise to deliver the highest standards of care to pet parents everywhere. During the application review process, we’ll verify your identity, employment (if applicable), validity of your medical license in the state(s) provided, and ensure you’re in good standing, amongst other things.

How do I go online to take Airvet calls?

To go online, simply swipe the bubble on the bottom of the screen from left (offline) to right (online). If you are online, the bottom bar will turn green.

How do I take calls using Airvet?

​If you are online, taking a call is as simple as pressing ‘Accept’ when a call comes in.
If you decline the call, or let the call ring through without accepting it in the allotted time, the call may go to another veterinarian either in your hospital (if he/she has signed on as available) or within the airVet network.

Where do I access pictures or videos that the client has uploaded?

If you’re on a call, you can tap on the chat icon if any media has been uploaded. After a call you can refer to a picture or video uploaded previously by going to your Case History and tapping on the specific case.

How do I add case notes to a call?

Following a call, you will be able to add notes or a summary of the call on the post-call screen. These notes will be automatically added to the case, which will be accessible in the future both to you, and to the client from the ‘Case History’ tab in the menu. The client will be notified when notes have been added. Even after a call, you can go into any specific case from the ‘Case History’ tab in the menu and add additional noted at any time.

Where do I view the Case History from any call that I’ve taken?

To access previous calls, notes from calls, and more info about the call, you can go into the main menu tab on the top left of the home screen and tap on "Case History."

Where can I take calls from?

Anywhere you have cell phone or wifi service! You can do a call at the office, at home, or on safari in Africa.

Do I need any additional equipment?

Nope, just your phone - and soon your computer. Some veterinarians like to put their phones on a tripod and place it on a table/desk in front of them as they take calls.

Do I need to handle any billing/support issues?

We don’t want you to have to worry about spending time on billing or customer support or any of that - we’ll handle it all for you and ensure every client leaves with a smile.

How much does Airvet cost me/my hospital to use?

Yes, there is a small monthly fee required to use Airvet which covers our costs on usage, data, and storing all calls to protect you in the event you need to refer back to a conversation from the past. Please reach out to your account representative to discuss what your cost would be to use Airvet.

How does the client find me using Airvet?

During their sign-up process, every pet parent has to select their home hospital along with their primary veterinarian. When they tap on the call button later, you’ll be the very first veterinarian we’ll call.

Where do I access pictures or videos that the client has uploaded?

If you’re on a call, you can tap on the chat icon on the bottom right if any media has been uploaded. If it’s after a call, and you want to refer to a picture or video uploaded previously, you can access them by going to Case History in the menu and tapping on the specific case.

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