What You Need To Know About Airvet’s New Subscription Offering


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As many veterinary professionals know, millions of pet parents across the country do not have a primary veterinarian, nor do they seek or access regular care for their pets. They rely almost exclusively on Google searches and social media groups for care and advice, which leads to poor medical outcomes and unhealthy pets. As part of our mission to bring veterinarians back to the forefront of delivering care as the FIRST resort, we’ve released a new subscription option that will allow pet parents who are not affiliated with a primary hospital unlimited access to Airvet’s “On-Demand” tele-triage service for a flat monthly fee (vs. the current $30 per call structure). 

We expect this to encourage pet parents who are not affiliated with an Airvet hospital to connect with a veterinarian far more frequently for general pet health questions. We see this lowering the barriers to care and illuminating the importance of the role that veterinarians play in the care of our pets. Of course, we still encourage our Airvet network of doctors to refer clients to their closest Airvet practice or emergency hospital if they feel the pet needs to be seen.

While this has no impact on you, your team, or your clients, we wanted to share our update to keep you up to date on what we’re doing to continue to support veterinarians and pet families alike. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] or your account manager for more information. 

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