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24/7 pet care, from anywhere!

Connect with a veterinarian on-demand from the comfort of your own home


Pet care made simple for your busy life

Create a profile for your pet and tell us what’s wrong

Connect with your own vet or another airVet

Follow up as needed with airVet chat

Rethinking pet care

We believe that pet care should extend beyond the walls of an office, to support your pet's health wherever you are.

Each airVet veterinarian is licensed and board-certified to ensure the highest standards of pet care.

What people say

We communicated very well, answered my questions thoroughly. Made recommendations until I could see my regular vet

Larry P.

Pet Parent

This was a great experience. I sent pictures of my dog and the vet gave me good information, tips and was real great to see on FaceTime

Lynn V.

Pet Parent

Great way to have a chat for advice on my fur-babies! 
Call was clear, easy to see and hear

Baila R.

Pet Parent

airVet can help you with

General Medical Concerns



After Hours

Vet Help

Follow-ups & check-ins 

Determining if an office visit is necessary

Pet parents love us

Thorough & courteous!

Very thorough and courteous! Did not make me feel silly for checking in on an elderly pet. Reassured me and gave me next steps if things did not improve. Great service! Thanks to our airVet in NJ! (We are in NE)

Candice W.

Pet Parent