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Affordable access to high quality vet care that helps your pets live their happiest and healthiest lives.

Start protecting your family (and your wallet) for as low as $25/month.

Peace of mind starts here

With a membership to Airvet, you can rest easy knowing your pet family is prepared for anything that might come your way.

Instant access to experts

Have a vet on speed-dial by connecting with a licensed vet 24/7 from the comfort of your couch, no appointment necessary.

Premium care without the price tag

Minimize spending on every day care and avoid expensive off-hour visits with unlimited access to Airvet’s virtual care network for no extra cost.

Support through emergencies

Get immediate first-aid advice and if needed, access to a $3,000 life-saving emergency fund.

You’re in good company

Our 200k+ pet families have rated Airvet 4.9/5 stars.

There was no need to drag kitty out of the house

There was no need to drag kitty out of the house

“This app saved me from scratches and evil cat syndrome by being able to use it in the comfort of my home. The awesome thing is that the vet working with you will follow up about how your pet is doing.”


I got helpful behavioral advice in off-hours

I got helpful behavioral advice in off-hours

“My dog was restless through the night and acting off. There were no weekend appointments nearby. I was immediately connected to a kind, helpful vet. It was great to be able to show her my dog’s behavior at home in real time. She instructed me to check a few things and spent the time answering questions. Airvet is my new go-to for any issues on weekends or after hours.”

Chris C.

SIX STARS if I could!

SIX STARS if I could!

“My dog is a living vacuum cleaner. She chewed up and swallowed a stick and because of a shortage of vets where I live her doctor’s visit cost hundreds of dollars and took over six hours! After that incident “checking in with a vet” meant losing a day and half a paycheck. Since then I have been able to use this app to see a vet for more minor things and it has given me such peace of mind and saved both me and my pup the stress of going to the office when we might not need to.”


Be ready for anything

Our 24/7 virtual care network helps pet parents with:

Potty training

Diet & weight loss

Lumps & bumps

Separation anxiety

Bad breath

Diarrhea & vomiting

Flea & tick

Itching & scratching


Second opinions

200K+ pet parents helped

$10M+ saved in veterinary bills

50% ER visits avoided

Cut the cost of avoidable vet bills to $0

With unlimited access to virtual vet care, you can avoid unnecessary and expensive vet visits. In emergencies that require critical life-saving care, you’ll be protected with up to $3,000 for an emergency vet bill each year.

Adding up the cost of
unexpected vet bills

Avoidable non-urgent vet visit

$50 - $250

Avoidable urgent care visit

$100 - $150

Critical life-saving care

$1,500 - $3,000


$1,650 - $3,350

Meet some of the world-class vets dedicated to getting your pet the care they deserve.

Frequently asked questions

How do you select your vets?

Airvet has over 3,000 veterinarians in our virtual care network. We carefully screen our vets’ credentials to ensure only the best doctors are approved to be in the network.

Can Airvet prescribe my pet medication?

While we can’t always prescribe medication due to state-based restrictions, we can always answer questions and provide expert advice and recommendations from a licensed veterinarian.

When should I use Airvet video visits?

Airvet is there for you anytime you have questions about your pet or need peace of mind. You can discuss anything from nutrition, behavior, basic health questions and how to provide the best preventative care for your pet. If you’re facing an urgent situation and you’re unsure what kind of care your pet might need, our licensed vets will help guide you.

Where are your vets located?

Airvet on-demand video visits are available to pet parents in all 50 states and Canada (with the exception of Quebec).

I already have a vet. How does Airvet work with them?

Airvet is available 24/7 so we can help provide local vets with backup care after-hours or when they’re too busy for a call. We are happy to share notes from any call on Airvet with your primary vet.