A pet care companion for (and by) proudly obsessed pet parents

Just like you, we’re more than a little passionate about our pets. We don’t believe that investigating every little lump, bump, or odd behavior makes us overbearing. We think it's totally normal to think and talk about our pets constantly and check the pet cam when we’re away from home just to confirm they’re ok and as cute as ever. That’s because our pets are our family, and their happiness is our happiness.

So, when it comes to providing them with everything they need to have the healthiest and happiest lives, both physically and emotionally, we want to be your trusted companion to help you navigate the system, get answers when you need them most, and provide advice on what kind of preventative and routine care is best for your pets and their specific and individual needs.

What We Believe

More access and education for pet parents can help eliminate and prevent chronic issues, eliminate uncertainty, and lead to healthier and happier pets.

We shouldn’t face financial or availability barriers to care and should have direct access to a trusted vet whenever they need it.

We believe that complete pet care is more than just their physical wellbeing, and that their emotional health is just as important in their ongoing care.

That more than just 50% of pets should see a vet every year.

That every question about our pet’s wellbeing should be answered by an expert instead of the internet.

That pet parents shouldn’t have to spend 6-8 hours in an urgent care queue waiting for answers when 80% of those visits can be avoided.

Realizing a vision for pet parents and veterinarians, everywhere.

Our founder, Brandon Werber, grew up in a pet paradise. His father, Dr. Jeff Werber, a nationally renowned veterinarian, had 10-15 animals in the house at any given time and was usually available to help diagnose any issues the family pets may have had. However, one day Brandon’s French bulldog, Carlos, ate a toxic plant and became gravely ill. With Dr. Jeff unreachable and the local clinics fully booked, panic set in as Brandon suddenly no longer had access to the quality pet care he had come to rely on. Instead, Brandon did what the majority of worried pet owners would do — rush to an emergency vet clinic to get Carlos treated. Thankfully, Carlos was fine, but the costly and stressful experience highlighted the need for every pet parent to have the peace of mind that comes with access to high quality, on-demand, and personalized pet care.

We’re creating the kind of pet care every pet parent is looking for.

At Airvet, our talented team of vets, engineers, and customer experience fanatics are changing the landscape of how the world thinks about pet care. You don’t have to have a pet to work here, but most of us do.

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