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Save time & money while avoiding stressful visits to the vet with unlimited 24/7 virtual veterinary care via video & chat.

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Airvet works with employers and partners to make sure your pet family has support for anything that comes your way.

Helping dogs with pet telehealth
  • Instant access to experts
    24/7 access to world-class veterinary care - anytime, anywhere.
  • Support in seconds, not hours
    Get fast answers & support from trusted veterinarians via chat and video.
  • Care is everything
    Talk to kind and compassionate veterinarians dedicated to giving your pets the best care possible.
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Helping dogs with pet telehealthCommon pet health questions

24/7 virtual vet care

Our network of thousands of licensed veterinarians are dedicated to getting your pets the care they deserve.

  • Unlimited visits with veterinary professionals.

  • Unlimited chat with veterinary professionals.

  • No time limits. No appointments necessary.

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No question (or pet) is too big or too small

Airvet helps pet parents with:

  • Skin issues
  • Diet & weight loss
  • Lumps & bumps
  • Separation anxiety
  • Bad breath
  • Diarrhea & vomiting
  • Flea & tick
  • Itching & scratching
  • Allergies
  • Second opinions

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Helping dogs with pet telehealth

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Our 200k+ pet families have rated Airvet 4.9/5 stars.

Veronica + her pet family

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200K+ pet parents helped

$10M+ saved in veterinary bills

50% ER visits avoided

You're in good company

Our 200k+ pet families have rated Airvet 4.9/5 stars.

Excellent experience

I’ve already told friends to put the app on their phones. So reassuring to have an option for in the moment consult to determine if Emergency services are necessary.

Melody R.

August 2022

Love it!

Quick way to get your questions answered without rushing to a vet and paying a whole bunch of money for something that may not be an emergency but you think it is! Great service – appreciate it so much.

Melissa A.

July 2022

This service was invaluable

Trying to get into the vet can take weeks and I had a licensed vet talking to me in 2 minutes with this app.

Robert L.

July 2022

Meet some of the world-class veterinarians dedicated to getting your pet the care they deserve.

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Dr. Melissa Webster

“I love meeting and helping all the pet families on Airvet. It’s amazing to create a real connection and provide care to animals in their home environment.”

Dr. Melissa Webster

Tampa, Florida

25+ years in practice

Dr. Rick Paynter

“I have a passion for building relationships with clients and providing the best possible treatment for each individual pet’s needs. I have an extra soft spot for labs and Siamese kitties.”

Dr. Rick Paynter

Owings Mills, MD

8 years in practice

Dr. Jeff Werber

“If I can help one person, that’s all that matters to me. My goal in life is to do good things for animals and help pet parents.”

Dr. Jeff Werber

Los Angeles, CA

37 years in practice

Dr. Gaines White

“I’ve seriously seen it all—from cats who’ve eaten 32 hair scrunchies to a dog who ate 20 pounds of cat food. It’s never a dull day and I love providing the best care imaginable.”

Dr. Gaines White

Conyers, GA

30 years in practice

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How it works

Frequently asked questions

    • How do you select your veterinarians?

      Airvet has over 3,000 veterinarians in our virtual care network. We carefully screen our veterinarians' credentials to ensure only the best doctors are approved to be in the network.

    • When should I use Airvet video visits?

      Airvet is there for you anytime you have questions about your pet or need peace of mind. You can discuss anything from nutrition, behavior, basic health questions and how to provide the best preventative care for your pet. If you're facing an urgent situation and you're unsure what kind of care your pet might need, our licensed veterinarians will help guide you.

    • When should I use chat?

      Chat is perfect for non-urgent questions on your mind about your pet's care or behavior. Get personalized answers from veterinary professionals available 24/7.

    • Can Airvet prescribe my pet medication?

      While we can't always prescribe medication due to state-based restrictions, we can always answer questions and provide expert advice and recommendations from a licensed veterinarian.

    • Where are your veterinarians located?

      Airvet on-demand video visits are available to pet parents in all 50 states and Canada (with the exception of Quebec).

    • I already have a vet. How does Airvet work with them?

      Airvet is available 24/7 so we can help provide local veterinarians with backup care after-hours or when they're too busy for a call. We are happy to share notes from any call on Airvet with your primary vet.

    • I get Airvet membership as an employee benefit, how do I activate?

      Simply download the app, click on “Activate your benefit” and create your account with your work email address. If you need help, email