How to Use Airvet When the Office is Closed

Nov 24, 2021

After-hours support through Airvet

Veterinarians and their teams are burning out at historical highs with an overflow of appointments and phone calls. When clients need help after-hours, they’re searching for answers on Dr. Google, often leading to inadequate home remedies and unnecessary ER visits. This also dilutes your relationship with them as they spend their time and money elsewhere.

How Airvet Helps

  • Your clients get routed to Airvet when they need help or advice after-hours.
  • An Airvet veterinarian more than 50 miles away from your practice answers instantly and triages.
  • If your own veterinarians are online, calls will be routed to them first (this is optional).
  • 90%+ of calls are referred back to you the next day, avoiding an unnecessary ER visit and client stress.
  • You and your team receive case details & doctor notes to review and follow up with clients if necessary.

In this video, Dr. Jeff Werber discusses how our partners are using Airvet to combat the reduction in office hours of operation to not only maintain appointments but also support your staff who aren’t able to come into the practice. Find out more about how you and your customers can use Airvet for after-hours relief.