Airvet launches 1-tap curbside check-in for hospitals cutting check-in times in half

Dec 17, 2020

Airvet, the highest rated pet telemedicine platform in the country, launched a curbside check-in feature through their online portal to help hospitals and pet parents cut check-in times in half without needing a single phone call, the company announced Wednesday.

Since the start of the pandemic, many pet hospitals and clinics have reportedly moved to curbside service, requiring clients to remain in their cars during the exam and make several phone calls to check-in, pay, check out, and get details on the exam. This has resulted in overloaded phones, increased wait times, and created additional customer service issues, veterinary professionals say.

According to Airvet, the new one-tap curbside check-in feature eliminates those issues entirely.

“Hospitals across the country have reported that overloaded phones are a major issue, and we know that curbside is the new normal,” said Brandon Werber, CEO of Airvet. “So, we added a simple, fully-dedicated curbside check-in feature to Airvet’s existing array of practice solutions.”

The feature significantly improves the client-doctor experience, even providing veterinarians the option to allow clients to virtually be with their pet in the exam room while sitting comfortably in their car.

“Doctors and technicians are spending 10-15 minutes after each appointment calling the client or visiting them at their car to share a summary of the exam and get any necessary approvals,” added Dr. Jeff Werber, Airvet’s Chief Veterinary Officer. “If the client can join the exam virtually, then the time-consuming calls become completely redundant and are no longer necessary.”

With Airvet Curbside, when clients arrive for their appointment, they just tap a button that says “I’m here” on the Airvet app. The hospital is immediately notified via chat on Airvet’s desktop portal where customer service representatives can respond to the client directly with any questions, provide links to intake forms, or request additional background information.

According to veterinarians with early access to the feature, check-in times were cut in half and about 20 minutes of unnecessary back-and-forth time were removed from each appointment.

Besides providing curbside check-in, Airvet offers hospitals the ability to streamline surgical communications like sending message and photo updates before, during and after surgeries. Additionally, lab results are easy to share and discuss directly with clients, along with daytime and after-hours triage options.

Airvet also features video and audio calls, text, and photo/video uploads, with no-hassle digital payments. Hospitals have access to a desktop and tablet portal where they can collaborate in real-time with their entire team.