Airvet Hospital Partner Updates

Jun 13, 2022

At Airvet, we’re always working on updates to our platform and app to bring enhancements to your workflow. As we continue to evolve, you can find the details of these updates and product enhancements here!

Airvet News and Product Updates

Bug fix for case notes

There was a recent bug in the app that was limiting your ability to make edits to case notes. For our Apple app users, we released an iOS update that fixed the problem and improved your overall experience. Be sure to update to the newest version 2.0.0 here! here!

Availability updates

No longer available for on-demand calls but forgot to change your availability? No problem! If you miss 3 consecutive on-demand calls in a row, your availability will be changed so that you are no longer available for on-demand calls. You can easily update your availability by opening the Airvet Doctor app and toggling online for on-demand. If you’re online for requests from your hospital clients, you will continue to stay online until you change your availability.

Ring time updates

For calls from your clients:

You now have more time to answer Airvet calls from your hospital clients! We know how much your clients value connecting with you directly. Airvet on-demand client calls from your hospital and your hospital’s network will now ring for 45 seconds instead of 30 seconds, giving you that extra time to reach and answer your phone.

For calls from non-clients (relief vets):

Pet parents without a primary veterinarian are eager to connect with professional virtual care. Calls from pet parents outside of your practice will now ring for 20 seconds. If you’re not available, we can try the next available veterinarian and connect the pet parent to care faster.

New automated follow-up messages

In an effort to improve the experience for our Airvet customers, we have added a new automated follow-up message that will go out to closed cases. The goal is to ensure that the pet owner is satisfied with their care through Airvet.


  • This automated message will only go out to on-demand cases with Airvet Network vets through the Airvet network. It will not affect communications between a hospital and its clients.
  • After an on-demand video call has been completed, if the Airvet Network vet and the pet owner have follow-up communications, no automated message will be sent.
  • After an on-demand video call has been completed, if there are no follow-up communications between the Airvet Network vet and the pet owner, an automated message will be sent within 24 hours after their initial case to check up on the pet’s health to ensure the case has been resolved.

This automated message may elicit additional communications from the pet owner, so it’s important that our Airvet Network vets are aware of this update and prepared for potential communications from the pet owners.

Assign a case to a CSR or Technician

At most veterinary practices, CSRs and Technicians are the ones who interact most with clients before, during, and after appointments. We understand the importance of this as a feature for your staff to productively use Airvet and are excited to announce that this enhancement has now been added. Not only is your hospital able to create cases, but now your team can reassign them as needed.

Easily edit the date and time of scheduled and pending appointments

Appointments change, and the ability to adjust accordingly is crucial. To allow your practice more control, we have added a new feature that allows your practice to edit the date and time for pending appointments as well as scheduled appointments, allowing Airvet to align with the flexibility you offer your clients.

If you have questions or suggestions for new features please email or your account manager.