Check Out the New Look and Feel to the Airvet Pet Parent App!

Mar 30, 2021

Have you seen the facelift we gave the Airvet pet parent app? We’re excited to share an easier, more streamlined sign up process with Airvet pet parents through some of these new updates. Keep reading to see all that’s new!


New Homepage:

The new homepage design clearly communicates all of Airvet’s services. Starting an on-demand call or requesting an appointment is more intuitive than ever. We adjusted the order of the action cards to be dependent on whether a pet parent is a hospital client or not, and adjusted the priority so that any open appointments/cases are now always at the top of the screen. 

Updated On-Demand Call Process:

The new call process now indicates a “Start Video Call” button clearly, and without needing to select a pet fist. Once an on-demand call is selected, pet parents will have the option to then choose the pet they are making the call for, or quickly add their pet information at this time. 

Updated Pet Profiles:

The pet profile screen also got a redesign to help make the profile more robust with information. Our team added a few new fields including a selection for spay/neuter, and a new look to our species and breeds fields as well. Pet Parents will still be able to include their pet’s photos as well as birthdates for customization. 

New End of Call Process:

At the end of a video call, pet parents will now be able to help us improve Airvet with 2 rating prompts. The first will prompt pet parents to rate their experience with the veterinarian they spoke with to help us improve your hospital’s client rating scores. The second prompt will be a rating for call quality, to help our engineering team troubleshoot and localize any call issues.