All in for pet parents.

Airvet is the leader in pet telehealth, making vet care a new family benefit that saves employees time, money & stress.

Your growing parent population.
Pet parents.

  • 70% of all US households and 76% of millennials have a pet.
  • 1 in 3 Employees and nearly 1 in 2 Gen-Zers added a pet to their family during the pandemic.

Pet parents want family benefits, too.

  • 48% of millennials and 71% of Gen Z employees plan to reach out to their employer requesting pet benefits.
  • 40+% of millennials are delaying or not having children, making other family-friendly benefits less valuable to the largest generation group in the workforce.

Better pet health care is good for your benefit strategy and your business.

Attract and retain the best pet parent talent to compete in today’s dynamic labor market.

Inclusive and equitable benefits

  • Family comes in all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Organizations today need to offer the best benefit packages that account for all employees’ priorities and values.
  • Onsite, remote, and hybrid team members all benefit from pet telehealth as a benefit that works in all locations.

Employee wellbeing

  • Research shows that the bond between people and their pets can increase physical activity, lower stress, and decrease loneliness and depression.
  • Other studies point to fewer (human) doctor visits, increased self-esteem, and better sleep.

Employee productivity

  • Pet-friendly employers have seen 61% of employees more willing to come to work, 41% stay at work later, and a 42% increase in productivity.
  • Average time spent at the ER or urgent care is 6-8 hours. With telehealth, many situations can be resolved in 10 minutes without leaving home.

More accessible and affordable pet care.

24/7 access to licensed veterinarians with a tap

Personalized, on-demand video visits and chat for routine and urgent care needs

Professional advice and resources to support every life stage and lifestyle

Access to quality pet care is more difficult than ever before.

50% of pets don’t have a primary veterinarian.

~6-8 weeks to get a vet appointment.

1 in 3 pet parents say access and affordability are barriers to care.

Airvet provides the right level of care at the right time.

Unlike pet insurance, which only helps offset pet care expenses, Airvet can reduce or eliminate avoidable costs altogether.

Pet parents use Airvet for:

Preventative pet health

Recommendations on routine care like vaccines, exams, labs, and preventative care.

Routine pet care

Day-to-day care needs like nutrition, weight management, flea & tick, allergies, and managing anxiety.

Urgent care

24/7 advice and support when unexpected issues pop up and in-person care is unavailable or hard to get.

Behavioral and emotional health

Tips and resources for behavioral issues like barking, jumping, managing aggression, and more.

The benefits of Airvet for your employees

Our solution is centered around your people and their pets.


Employees save thousands by getting routine care and advice virtually, and can avoid the high costs of unnecessary off-hour visits. Avoiding a single urgent care or ER visit can save $1,000+.


Airvet is on call, 24/7. Licensed vets via on-demand video in less than a minute, no appointments necessary. Minimize stress on pets and parents by eliminating the need for car rides and waiting room anxiety.

Peace of mind

With access to compassionate experts for questions big or small, Airvet eliminates the stress and uncertainty of pet parenthood.

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