Airvet Administers Leptospirosis Vaccines At New Dog Park in LA

Sep 28, 2021

A recent outbreak of Leptospirosis in Los Angeles county had Airvet springing into action. To help inform and advise the community about the outbreak, we sent our Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jeff Werber, to an event at DOG PPL – a brand new dog “social club” in Santa Monica, California. Dr. Werber spent his Sunday administering vaccines to prevent leptospirosis and canine parainfluenza while dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes took their shots like a champ and went right back to playing on the grass, in the doggy pool, and around the custom fire hydrant that shoots a fine mist of water to keep them cool!

DOG PPL describes itself as “Los Angeles’ first canine social club,” and let us tell you, it was a social affair for everyone – dogs and people alike! The club recently opened to great acclaim as a dog park that puts safety first. They have trained “Rufferees” on duty during all peak hours to manage the play between dogs and help clean missed deposits. They keep an eye on all four-legged friends, and are never afraid to step in when play gets a little ruff!

It’s this emphasis on safety that makes DOG PPL a great match with Airvet and our mission to keep pets healthy and happy for years to come! The Airvet team was there speaking to owners about safety and how keeping pets healthy starts with knowledge, preparedness, prevention AND a great relationship with their vet!

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