Airvet’s new executive team helping more employees get the pet care benefits they need from their employers

Jun 15, 2022

Airvet, the #1 rated and reviewed virtual vet care app, brings on an experienced new leadership team to expand its popular telehealth service with organizations looking to offer more compelling employee benefits.

LOS ANGELES, CA, JUNE 15, 2022 – Airvet, a pet telehealth leader, announced that several new executives have joined the company to expand its services and take the company’s growth to the next level. Airvet members in the US and Canada get 24/7, unlimited virtual visits from its network of thousands of world-class veterinarians nationwide. With their new leadership team in place, Airvet will continue to deliver top-rated healthcare that is more efficient, accessible, and affordable to even more pet families.

“With more than 70% of households being pet families, the need to make pet care a ubiquitous employee family benefit like human healthcare and daycare is undeniable,” said Airvet CEO and Founder, Brandon Werber. “When employers sign on with us, they’re making an important commitment to their pet families. The same problems that human families face within healthcare, like access issues and affordability of care, are also being faced by pet families nationwide. Employers have a unique opportunity to position themselves as leaders in providing some of the most valued benefits to all types of families.”

Airvet grew rapidly during the pandemic and continues to lead and expand the category it created by helping organizations offer a seamless way for their employees to receive critical care for their pets. With pet ownership reaching historic highs in recent years, employers continue to look to add more compelling family benefits to their total rewards strategies in a red-hot talent market.

Another pain point Airvet partners with employers to solve is helping employees address the care gaps left by an unprecedented shortage of veterinarians. One recent study conducted by Mars Veterinary Health, estimates that 75 million pets may lack access to veterinary care by 2030. The negative effects of underserved care needs reach beyond animal welfare and have implications on public health and human wellbeing.

Werber adds, “Airvet makes it easier for pet parents to get the care they need, when they need it, without having to stress about where or how they’re going to get or afford it. They can forget about their nagging worries about what to do or those late-night Google searches and get back to focusing on their work. The timely answers, preventative care advice, and resources Airvet provides offer peace of mind and support to the many employees leaving their pets at home for the first time in two years as they return to the office.”

The best team to grow pet telemedicine

By assembling a seasoned team with decades of experience in healthcare and technology, Airvet aims to partner with more top organizations to make its pet telehealth service as ubiquitous and essential to employees as a 401K.


Dan Lieberman, President, is a proven digital health business leader with 20+ years of experience growing venture stage and public companies in health technology and benefits. At telemedicine giant Doctor on Demand, Dan scaled the Behavioral Health business to quadruple in just two years. Before that, he launched and grew a new $900M business unit as an SVP at Fortune 250 benefits leader Health Net where he also oversaw all Product and Marketing functions for the $16B company until its sale to Centene. Previously, Dan held an executive role at UnitedHealth/Optum.



Graham Chalfant, SVP of Partnerships and Employer Sales, has over three decades of experience in senior leadership roles with some of the country’s top health plans, consulting firms (Willis, Wachovia), and healthcare startups (One Medical, 2nd.MD). Graham is a recognized thought leader and innovator in the employer-sponsored benefits space.



MutsMuts Inayama, SVP of Engineering, has held leadership positions at iconic brands like Yahoo, Flickr, and Ofoto/Kodak and has built and led the technical teams responsible for delivering consumer experiences to hundreds of millions of users. Before joining Airvet, Muts was an executive member of Imgur until Medialab acquired it and served as the Head of Imgur post-acquisition.




Airvet is the #1 rated and reviewed vet care app that offers face-to-face virtual care, consultation, and advice from 3,000+ licensed veterinarians nationwide. With Airvet, pet parents in the US and Canada have 24/7 access to quality virtual care within seconds. Airvet was founded by Brandon Werber, and his father Dr. Jeff Werber, one of Los Angeles’ most respected and popular veterinarians who counts Tiffany Haddish, Magic Johnson, and Eva Mendes’ pets as patients. Since its inception in 2019, Airvet has helped 200,000+ pets live healthier and happier lives and garnered 7,000+ positive app reviews with a consistent 4.9/5-star rating.

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