Beyond the Office Zoo – Embracing Pet-Inclusivity at Work

Nov 2, 2023

As an HR leader, you’ve probably had your fair share of employees advocating for bringing pets to the workplace. This trend only promises to continue as the vast majority of pet owners (95%)1 consider their pets to be part of the family. While the idea of inviting pets into the office makes many people gleeful, recognize that some may be wary or apprehensive. The good news is that you can easily strike a balance. Being a pet-inclusive employer involves much more than merely inviting pets into the workplace.

Introducing Airvet’s “Guide to Creating a Pet-Inclusive Workplace” which includes a bonus printable checklist! (click to download it now)

Why Pet-Inclusivity at Work?

The benefits of embracing a pet-inclusive workplace are numerous. Studies have shown that pets have a positive and dramatic impact on employees’ wellbeing. Pet-friendly workplaces tend to:

  • Be more collaborative – pets can bridge the gap among workers and bring people together
  • Retain more employees – 63% of employees said additional pet benefits would increase their desire to stay with their company for the next 12 months.2
  • Improve mental wellbeing – 87% of pet parents say that their emotional wellbeing has improved since becoming a pet parent.3
  • Increase employee engagement – Supporting working pet parents reduces the stress of balancing work and pets, enabling employees to focus better and minimize distractions, ultimately enhancing productivity.4

This guide will give you creative tips on building pet-inclusivity sans the fur and dander! You’ll learn how to foster a pet-friendly environment at work, while at the same time maintaining a productive and pleasant atmosphere for everyone. Whatever your pet employee benefits goal, this guide will provide the insights and ideas you need to strike the right balance for your unique organization.

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