May 2024: Product Spotlight

May 30, 2024

This month we’re springing into new updates that we made on the platform to help pets live their happiest, healthiest, and longest lives. Our goal is to keep you engaged and informed, helping you get the most out of your Airvet experience. Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, our updates this month center around ensuring pet parents are able to care for their pet, without stress or fear. Let’s dive into what’s new this month!

Airvet Launches Telemedicine in Louisiana and Alabama

What: We are thrilled to announce that our digital prescription services are now live in Louisiana and Alabama!

Why: Expanding our services to new states means more pet parents can conveniently access the medications their pets need, ensuring they stay healthy and happy.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy access to prescription services in Louisiana and Alabama.
  • Seamless integration with local veterinary care.
  • Enhanced support for pet health and wellness.

How to use: Residents of Louisiana and Alabama can now access prescription services through the Airvet app under Featured programs, select Talk to a vet for “Need a prescription?”

Examples of Issues We Can Treat with Prescriptions:

  • Flea and Tick Prevention: Get your pets protected from these common pests with easy access to preventive treatments.
  • Allergy Relief: Manage your pet’s allergies with antihistamines or other medications tailored to their needs.
  • Infections: Treat bacterial, fungal, or parasitic infections with the appropriate prescription medications.

Not located in AL or LA? We also offer prescription services in CA, CO, LA, AL, VA, NY, NJ and MA with more launches planned in 2024.

Separation Anxiety Specialty Visits

What: In recognition of May’s focus on Mental Health Awareness, we are introducing telehealth consultations specifically for managing pet separation anxiety. Separation anxiety in pets is a condition where they exhibit distress and behavior problems when separated from their owners. This new service aims to provide support and guidance to pet parents facing this challenge, helping them navigate time spent away from home with confidence.

Why: Addressing separation anxiety is crucial for both pet parents and their furry companions. These specialized consultations offer pet parents a framework and expert advice on managing separation anxiety, promoting the well-being of both pets and their owners.

Key Benefits:

  • Access to specialized consultations on managing separation anxiety.
  • Expert advice on establishing consistent routines for pets.
  • Provides a thorough plan on how to get your pets to feel comfortable at home.

How to use: Under Featured Programs, select Get started for “Tips for leaving your pet at home.”

Do you have a pet that is dealing with separation anxiety? Download our separation anxiety journal to help track your pet’s behavior while you’re away.

New Discount Partner – Small Door Veterinary

What: We are delighted to partner with Small Door Veterinary to offer exclusive discounts to Airvet members. Small Door Veterinary is a modern veterinary practice known for its personalized care, advanced technology, and exceptional service. They offer a range of services, including wellness exams and specialized treatments, prioritizing accessibility and convenience for pet owners.

Why: This partnership provides additional value to our members, especially those in NYC, Boston, and DC.

Key Benefits:

  • $75 off the $169 annual membership.
    Includes a free first exam, 20% off additional exams, and same or next day appointments.
  • Complements existing Airvet partners like Modern Animal.

How to use: Under Exclusive offers, swipe right or select “See all” to view the Small Door Veterinary and Get $75 off!

Diet Consult Visits

What: Airvet members can now opt-in for 15-minute Diet Consults directly from the home screen.

Why: These diet consultations provide tailored nutritional advice to ensure your pets receive the best care. Whether your pet needs general nutrition guidance or a prescription diet consultation, our veterinarians will offer personalized recommendations based on your pet’s unique needs.

Key Benefits:

  • General Nutrition and Prescription Diet Consultation options.
  • Personalized recommendations based on your pet’s health, age, breed, and dietary needs.
  • Professional guidance on food types, portion sizes, and feeding schedules.

How to use: Under Featured Programs, select Book now under the title “Schedule a free diet consult today.” opt-in for a Diet Consult from the home screen of the Airvet app.

Family Sharing

What: Family Sharing is a new feature allowing Airvet members to share access to their account with family, friends, or caretakers without sharing personal account credentials.

Why: Family Sharing allows for pet parents to share Airvet to provide seamless care and support, whether or not the central user is physically present. This is especially useful for employees whose jobs take them out of the home or have demanding hours. Or, it can be shared with a pet sitter while you’re on vacation.  

Key Benefits:

  • Convenient sharing: Users can easily grant access to their Airvet benefit to anyone caring for their pet.
  • Full Family Benefit: Family sharing allows for all members’ of an employee’s family to enjoy the benefit.
  • Privacy and security: Eliminates the need to share login credentials, maintaining privacy and security.

How to use: At the top left under the drop-down main menu, select ‘Family Sharing’ above the Help navigation. You’ll then add your family member by clicking on ‘Add family member’ and entering  their email address.

We hope these updates enhance your Airvet experience and provide valuable resources for better pet care. Stay tuned next month for more features and services updates!