Addressing Pet Separation Anxiety During Mental Health Awareness Month

May 13, 2024

At Airvet, we believe that caring for pets is about more than just their physical health—it’s about supporting the emotional well-being of entire families. In this blog, we’ll delve into the crucial role pets play in the mental well-being of their families, focusing on the often-overlooked issue of pet separation anxiety. We’ll also spotlight Airvet’s newest feature: Separation Anxiety Visits, designed to provide support and guidance during challenging times.

Understanding Pet Separation Anxiety

Pet separation anxiety is a common issue that can significantly impact a pet’s behavior and overall health. Recognizing the signs and understanding the underlying causes of separation anxiety is crucial for pet owners. According to a survey conducted by CertaPet in 2021, 76% of American dogs experience separation anxiety, highlighting the prevalence of this concern. Additionally, the survey found that 47% of Americans experience separation anxiety from their dogs, emphasizing the widespread impact on pet owners as well. At Airvet, we made it a priority to address this issue by developing our Specialty Visits feature. This decision stemmed from our commitment to supporting pets’ mental health and providing comprehensive care for our companions. As Dr. Turbeville, Veterinary Telehealth Manager, emphasizes, “Dogs and cats get very attached to us, which is part of why we love them! When they aren’t used to us disappearing for over 8 hours a day, it can be scary for them. They may act out by urinating on the bathroom rug or chewing on an expensive shoe, which stresses out their humans. If this issue sounds familiar, our vets are here to help you stop the cycle, eliminate the stress caused by it, and improve your pet’s happiness as well”.

The Impact of Pet Separation Anxiety

As workplaces increasingly adopt pet-friendly policies, the issue of pet separation anxiety becomes more prominent. Employees often struggle with leaving their pets at home which can leave them feeling stressed and distracted during the work day. Research emphasizes the positive influence of pets on workplace dynamics, with studies showing higher engagement and retention rates among employees in pet-friendly environments. According to a recent Nationwide and HABRI study, 90% of employees in pet-friendly workplaces reported feeling highly engaged with their work, compared to 65% in non-pet-friendly environments. However, the absence of pets during work hours can lead to distress for both employees and their pets. Recognizing and addressing pet separation anxiety is essential for fostering a supportive workplace culture that promotes employee mental health and productivity.

Managing pet separation anxiety has numerous benefits for both pets and their owners’ mental health. According to a nationally representative survey commissioned by HABRI and Mars Petcare, 85% of respondents agree that interaction with pets can help reduce loneliness. This underscores the significant role that pets play in providing companionship and emotional support. By addressing this issue, pet parents can reduce their pets’ stress and anxiety, leading to happier and healthier lives for the whole family. This focus on pet well-being is not only vital for individual households but also for top companies like Adobe, Dayforce, and 1Password, which have recognized the importance of pet benefits in supporting their employees’ work-life balance and overall well-being. Just as these leading companies adopt pet benefits like Airvet, prioritizing pets’ mental health needs in homes and workplaces alike is essential for fostering a thriving and supportive environment.

How to request a Separation Anxiety visit through Airvet

Airvet’s Specialty Visit focused on Separation Anxiety is specifically designed to address this issue with pet parents . With 24/7 access to video visits and chats with licensed veterinarians, Airvet members can receive personalized guidance and support in managing their pet’s separation anxiety. The process is simple and accessible, ensuring that pet owners can access the help they need whenever they need it.

What: Pet parents can now schedule appointments with a veterinary professional in advance, guaranteeing a meeting at a time that suits their schedule.

Why: Even though we offer 24/7 on-demand visits, the ability to schedule an appointment provides enhanced convenience and flexibility for working pet parents.

Key Benefits: This new feature gives added assurance for pet parents, personalized pet care and streamlined scheduling.

To access this feature, simply open the Airvet app and tap “Get Started” under the Featured programs section for “Tips for leaving your pet at home.”

What pet parents are saying about Airvet’s Separation Anxiety Visits

Pet owners who have utilized Airvet’s Specialty Visits for Separation Anxiety have seen significant improvements in their pets’ behavior and well-being. For example, one pet parent shared,

The simple and practical approach can be done from the comfort of your own home and you can start ensuring your pets, and you, start living their long, healthiest, happiest lives by addressing pet separation anxiety.

As we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s not forget the importance of prioritizing our pets’ mental health needs. By addressing pet separation anxiety with telehealth support like Airvet’s Specialty Visits feature, we can create happier and healthier lives for our pets. We encourage pet parents to access this valuable resource and join us in supporting both pet and owner mental health. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of pets and their families.