What Employers Need to Know About Pet Telehealth and Vetcare as a Benefit: FAQ

Sep 5, 2022

What is Vetcare as a Benefit and how does Pet Telehealth Work?

​​Employers are always looking for new and innovative benefits to offer their employees. If you’re thinking about adding pet telehealth as a benefit, you’re on the right track! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about pet telehealth. What is it? How is it different from pet insurance? Read on to find out!


Q. What is Airvet pet telehealth or Vetcare as a Benefit? Pet Parent on a vide call

A. Most businesses offer employees standard healthcare benefits – medical, dental, and vision. But families aren’t limited to just humans. Vetcare as a Benefit helps support your employees’ extended four-legged family members with 24/7/365 access to virtual, on-demand veterinary health care through the Airvet app.


Q: How many pet parents has Airvet helped so far? 

A: Airvet has helped more than 200,000 pet parents.


Q: What can pet parents use Airvet for? 

A. Airvet can be used for all sorts of pet issues including:

  • Urgent Care Triage | 24/7, On-demand, video visits and follow-ups
  • Care & education for every life stage | Puppies & kittens • Adult dogs & cats • Aging cats & dog
  • Preventative & routine care advice | Questions about vaccines • Dental care advice • Nutrition and diet advice • Grooming advice
  • Specialty care | Allergies • Skin issues • Anxiety • Disease management • Weight management
  • Behavioral healthAggression • Potty training • Barking / Jumping
  • Second Opinions


Q. What if an employee already has a vet? Can they still use this service? Cat with vet

A. Pet telehealth is not meant to replace existing veterinary care, but to complement it. Pet telehealth gives working pet parents the peace of mind they need to fully understand their pet’s situation no matter what time of the day or night. Instead of rushing to the vet or ER, connect with a veterinarian through a simple app like Airvet, and get reliable veterinary advice in minutes – all from the comfort of home.


Q. How is pet telehealth different from pet insurance?

A. Pet insurance is an actual insurance policy with deductibles and copays. It helps cover the cost of veterinary care for an individually insured pet. Pet telehealth is not insurance. It covers all pets in the family and can help cut back on unnecessary vet visits. Because pet telehealth isn’t insurance, there are no claims to submit. Pet telehealth allows pet owners to consult with a veterinarian remotely, on-demand, using video conferencing or a chat session on their phone or computer.


Q. Does VaaB charge per pet?

A. Unlike pet insurance where there’s one policy for each pet, Vetcare as a Benefit covers all of the pets in the employees’ household. Whether the employee has one pet or five – all pets in a household can receive care.


Q. How does VaaB benefit my company?Dog with laptop

A. When offered as an employee benefit, pet telehealth offers a variety of advantages to companies including increased productivity, reduced employee stress, and inclusiveness of all families – both two-legged and four-legged alike!


Q: How do you select your vets?

A: Airvet has over 3,000 veterinarians on the platform. We have a rigorous “vetting” process to ensure only the best doctors are approved to be on the platform. We also have board-certified specialists in behavior, nutrition, dental and oncology.


Q: Where are your vets located?

A: Airvet on-demand video and chat visits are available to pet parents in all 50 states and Canada.

So that’s the scoop on pet telehealth as a benefit. If you’re looking for a unique and innovative new benefit to offer your employees, look no further than Airvet’s VaaB solution. It’s extremely affordable and easy to implement company-wide. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help get your pet telehealth employee benefit program up and running in no time!


More questions about Vetcare as a Benefit? See this resource or contact us at sales@airvet.com


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At Airvet, we’re partnering with the world’s most innovative employers to introduce Vetcare as a Benefit (VaaB), as we help them round out their benefits packages and re-capture thousands of hours of lost productivity every year. Together we help employers deliver better care options to their pet family employees, by minimizing workday distractions and ensuring that caring for their pets is one less thing they have to worry about.