Why Pet Telehealth is Gaining Momentum as an Employee Benefit with America’s Top Employers

Sep 15, 2022

Pet telehealth is quickly becoming one of the most popular employee benefits. And it’s no wonder why! With 70% of households owning a pet, pet telehealth is relevant for a large majority of employees. But pet telehealth is more than just a way to help your employees save on vet bills. It also creates “moments that matter” that show employees how much you appreciate them – and their furry family members. Pet telehealth has also been shown to increase employee engagement and productivity by giving employees quick and easy access to trustworthy veterinary resources. Plus, offering vetcare as a benefit (VaaB) signals that your company is an inclusive workplace that supports all kinds of families.


What is Pet Telehealth?

Like human parenthood, pet ownership comes with certain responsibilities, such as making sure that pets stay healthy. For working pet parents, this can be a challenge because it can be difficult to find time to take pets to the vet during traditional 9-5 business hours when most vets are open.

Oftentimes, employees are distracted during the workday, stressed and researching pet issues, scheduling vet appointments and then traveling to and from the vet. This can often lead to a decrease in productivity and increases in absenteeism and disruptions.

The convenience and accessibility of pet telehealth help reduce distractions and improve employee productivity by providing real-time access to veterinary care. This often allows working pet parents to avoid costly and time-consuming in-person vet visits altogether.

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Pet telehealth offers major advantages for business

70% of US households have a pet

Imagine this all too common scenario: It’s a Monday morning and you’re sitting at your desk, staring at a never-ending to-do list. Suddenly, your dog starts scratching frantically at his ear and whimpering. He’s been scratching a lot lately, but you’ve been so busy that you haven’t had time to take him to the vet. But now you have to make a decision: do you drop everything and take him to the vet, or do you try to muscle through your workday and hope that the problem goes away?

Employees with a pet telehealth benefit don’t have to choose. With pet telehealth, employees can quickly and easily connect with a licensed veterinarian anytime and from anywhere. No more work hours spent googling home remedies, calling up vet hospitals to try to get an appointment or taking time off of work for an in-person visit. Pet telehealth minimizes workday distractions, lowers employee stress and increases workforce productivity. And it’s a convenient and affordable way to round out a total family benefits strategy.


Employees appreciate the savings in both time and money from pet telehealth benefits

Happy owner and dog


Working pet parents love pet telehealth as an employee benefit because it offers everyday utility. From the lingering question about your pet’s behavior to a bump or sick tummy – there’s no question too small for a pet telehealth provider. The service also saves working pet parents loads of money by avoiding unnecessary in-person vet visits. Pet parents use pet telehealth for all sorts of reasons like:


  • Getting advice when a pet seems “a little off” and the pet parent isn’t sure if a vet visit is necessary.
  • Obtaining guidance for nagging questions such as “What if my pet missed a dose of heartworm meds? What should I do?”
  • Consulting with a vet to understand whether or not a pet is facing an emergency situation or if the issue can be solved at home or left until the morning. “My pet has been vomiting for the last three hours. What should I do?”


Forward-thinking benefits strategies help companies attract and retain top employees

Attracting and retaining top talent is harder than ever. Pet telehealth is becoming an increasingly important benefit for employers and their employees. From increased employee productivity to reduced distractions during the workday, employers can recover millions in lost productivity. And due to its everyday usefulness, veterinary telehealth is more relevant than pet insurance. Employees appreciate the flexibility and support to care for their pets in a timely and responsible manner. And employee satisfaction rises when pet parents feel supported by their employer.

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