Airvet Closes $14M Series A Funding Round to Bring Virtual Care to Pet Owners

Oct 26, 2020

  • 2,600+ veterinarians are using Airvet’s connected care platform
  • $14M Series A funding round led by Canvas Ventures, with participation by, Burst Capital, Starting Line, TrueSight Ventures, Hawke Ventures, Bracket Capital, Michael Stoppelman, and several major veterinary industry leaders
  • Airvet quickly became the #1 rated pet telemedicine app in the App Store

LOS ANGELES, California – Airvet™, a leading veterinary telemedicine/telehealth platform, announces the close of a $14M Series A funding round.

This new round of funding will enable the company to take on the rapid increase in demand for its telemedicine platform, which has accelerated with the onset of COVID-19. Telemedicine is quickly becoming mainstream, and is here to stay, for both veterinarians and pet parents. The funding round was led by Canvas Ventures, with participation by, Burst Capital, Starting Line, TrueSight Ventures, Hawke Ventures, Bracket Capital, Michael Stoppelman, and several notable veterinary industry leaders.

Airvet fuels its mission to modernize pet care

Founded in 2018, Airvet was built by veterinarians with a focus on modernizing the pet care experience and quickly rose to be the #1 rated pet telemedicine app in the App Store with over 2,300 reviews and a 4.9/5 star rating. The platform was built to strengthen relationships between veterinarians and pet parents by making pet care more personal and more accessible. Strong early traction quickly converted to a boom in nationwide adoption, as COVID-19 has forced the industry to find more flexible, modern methods to safely treat pets in need.

“I grew up with a veterinarian as a father,” said Airvet Founder and CEO Brandon Werber. “I never had to worry about my pet’s care. Whenever I needed help or had concerns, I’d just call or text my dad and I’d get accurate answers right away. That gave me such a feeling of comfort. I want to bring that on-demand, high-quality care to every pet owner in the world. If Airvet can deliver that feeling, we’ve done our job.”

Already a favorite for pet owners, Airvet has also become the telemedicine platform of choice for thousands of veterinarians and hundreds of hospitals across the country including several national practice groups and industry leaders, like Zoetis, VSG, Mission Veterinary Partners, United Vet Care, Compassion-First Pet Hospitals, VetnCare, Encore, Amerivet, and many others. “I love Airvet’s model.” added Dr. Roger Redman, President of the American Association of Veterinary State Boards. “Pet owners are asking for this and the veterinary community needs to respond. Airvet will successfully fill that gap.” Practices are leveraging the platform to help create new efficiencies within their workflow, whether it be around bringing live video into curbside drop-offs, scheduling virtual appointments and re-checks, utilizing chat as a method of vet-to-client communication, and offering clients access to after-hours care through Airvet’s veterinary community – a nationwide network of over 2,600 veterinarians in 43 states. “Limitations from COVID-19 inspired us to expand our practice while we integrate virtual care into the workflow almost overnight,” said Dr. Russ Brewer. “We’ve done over 1,300 cases on Airvet just since last month. We’re using it for our curbside appointments, re-checks, and general virtual visits for those who can’t or aren’t comfortable leaving the house. My clients and team love it and I plan to make Airvet a permanent part of our practice.” The service comes at a critical time for veterinarians and pet parents, as we adapt to the “new normal.”

While Airvet is used by practices to connect with their own clients, it’s also available 24/7 to every pet owner in the country needing to connect with a veterinarian. Airvet’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jeff Werber, pointed out that “over 70% of pet parents go to Google or social media to get answers to their pet concerns before even attempting to talk to a veterinarian. I’ve been in those Facebook groups and I’ve seen the forums and the information given on there is terrifying. With something as crucial as the health and well-being of our pets, we can’t be relying on a Google search. We have a unique opportunity with Airvet to bring the veterinarian back to the forefront”

“Airvet has been a critical partner for us, and I expect them to play a key role in the future of our industry,” said Michael Aubrey, CEO of Mission Veterinary Partners. “Our world is changing and the expectations of our clients are rapidly evolving with the new technologies available. No pet owner should ever be in a position of needing quality care and not having access to it.”


Investor Comment

“At Canvas, we take a lot of pride in helping support our founders’ visions to meaningfully change the world and improve peoples’ lives. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Airvet to dramatically improve the pet health experience for both veterinarians and pet owners,” said Canvas Ventures’ General Partner, Rebecca Lynn. “There is no 911 for pets, and when your pet is sick or injured, you want to talk to someone immediately. I have a number of pets – a dog, a cat, chickens, peahens, horses, parakeets and a cow – Airvet has already helped me on a number of occasions, saved me office visits and house calls, and helped me sleep better at night!”

About Airvet™

Airvet is a leading veterinary telemedicine/telehealth platform based in Los Angeles, CA. Airvet’s cloud-based technology offers a unique telemedicine platform that enables veterinarians and their staff to connect with their clients via live video, audio, and chat. Airvet also includes a robust built-in triage and support community of thousands of veterinarians available 24/7 to pet parents across the country. The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

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