Improve your client’s experience with surgery appointments

Have you considered how Airvet can enhance your existing surgery workflow? Our portal works as a full-service communication solution, starting with the scheduling or rescheduling of appointments, and continuing all the way through to post-appointment tasks. Your team is able to hop into the case and handle all messaging ahead of, during, and after the pet’s surgery without waiting for the client to pick up the phone. When you’re pressed for time, and clients are anxious for an update, Airvet allows you the flexibility and convenience for communicating with your client from start to finish.

Airvet surgery workflow

Manage callbacks through Airvet and get doctors home an hour earlier each day

When a pet parent calls into your hospital and wants to talk to the vet, they’re typically not available. The CSR has to take the message, the vet has to find time at the end of the day to do all of their callbacks and all in all, it’s a challenging experience for everyone!

Instead, when the phone rings, your CSR can click to open a case in Airvet and provide the client with two options. 1) Get a free callback through Airvet from a technician or 2) Set up a virtual consultation with the vet for a small fee.

Regardless of which option the client chooses, a short video call can help your team see exactly what’s going on, collect information, chat back and forth digitally if needed, share photos or videos, and keep all the case information in one place. No more sticky notes! Plus, doctors actually get paid for their time.

Airvet continues building the loving human animal bond.

Callback workflow with Airvet

Thanks to Tampa Veterinary Hospital for this pro tip.

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