How One Veterinarian Goes Above And Beyond For Their Clients

Apr 23, 2021

In honor of World Veterinary Day this month (April 24th), we are highlighting some of the incredible veterinarians in the Airvet community for being fantastic leaders, compassionate practitioners, and helping to serve their communities. 


Dr. Alexandra Kintz-Konegger of K. Vet Animal Care of Greensburg, PA helps to serve her clients anytime, day or night, using Airvet and connected care technology. Whether she is taking virtual visits from the hospital to limit the number of in-person visits, or taking calls from home, she goes above and beyond to make sure her clients are taken care of and have access to pet care information they can trust. She even used Airvet to handle some urgent cases and contact clients while she was on vacation!


During the COVID-19 pandemic height, Dr. Konegger worked incredibly hard to keep her practice up and running in order to provide care to all her patients when they needed her most. Incorporating safety protocols and new technology like Airvet allowed Dr. Konneger to keep K.Vet available to its patients when many local hospitals had to scale back. They were even able to accept new patients when other hospitals did not. Not only was she taking care of her clients and patients, she also provided lunch daily to her team to make sure they were fed and ready for the day. 


Dr. Brian Hougentogler, a colleague of Dr. Konnegers at K. Vet said “Dr. Konegger deserves to be recognized for all of these and many more reasons. She truly loves what she does and those she helps.”


It’s because of devoted and passionate veterinarians like Dr. Konneger that we at Airvet are so honored to be a part of the veterinary industry. We love working with compassionate and caring practitioners and we feel honored to be able to assist them in bringing their clients’ experiences to new heights.


Thank you, Dr. Konneger for being such a strong leader and a pillar in the veterinary industry.