Essential Characteristics of Being an Incredible Veterinarian

Apr 14, 2021

In honor of World Veterinary Day this month (April 24th), we are highlighting some of the incredible veterinarians in the Airvet community for being fantastic leaders, compassionate practitioners, and helping to serve their communities.

Dr. Christian and Dr. Shane Proietto of Animal Care East of Winterville, North Carolina encompass all three of the qualities above. These brother veterinarians treat every pet as if they were their own, going above and beyond for all of the animals they serve in the Winterville community. Not only are they respectful and compassionate to their patients and clients, they translate those characteristics into their leadership style to be sure that all members of the Animal Care East Hospital team are met with the same level of care.

Both Drs. Proietto are being recognized for the way they care for every single one of their patients. Their team members have said that they far surpass what is required of them, usually accepting virtual care visits through Airvet until 7 or 8pm throughout the week, simply because they want to ensure their clients and patients are getting the best treatment.

Christine Taylor, a Client Service Representative (CSR) at Animal Care East, attributes their exceptional care to their internal values and characteristics. “I once was coaxing a hospitalized cat to eat so we could administer insulin. I mentioned to Dr. P ‘I like to treat our patients as if they were my own pets’. He replied ‘I want you to treat them as if they were my mom’. This helps to show just how much they care about every single patient who comes into our practice, and we continuously get more referrals for current clients because of how amazing they both are with their pets.”

It’s because of devoted and passionate veterinarians like Dr. Christian and Dr. Shane Proietto that we at Airvet are so honored to be a part of the veterinary industry. We love working with compassionate and caring practitioners and we feel honored to be able to assist them in bringing their clients’ experiences to new heights.

Thank you, Dr. Christian and Dr. Shane Proietto, for being such strong leaders and pillars in the veterinary industry.