A Pillar Of The Kenosha, WI Community For Pet Care And Beyond

Apr 29, 2021

In honor of World Veterinary Day this month (April 24th), we are highlighting some of the incredible veterinarians in the Airvet community for being fantastic leaders, compassionate practitioners, and helping to serve their communities. 

One of our incredible veterinarians is Dr. Rebecca Wilsey of Care Animal Hospital of Pleasant Prairie in Kenosha, WI. Dr. Wilsey is a highly respected veterinarian who can always be relied on by her team and clients for her thorough diagnosis and insight. 

Dr. Wilsey is a dedicated veterinarian always thinking of the pet’s best interest. Her wealth of knowledge, experience and stamina is incomparable. Her brain is always going and it’s rare to see her sitting still. When the pandemic started, she and her husband/business partner knew they needed to find a way to have virtual visits so pet owners would still have access to the care they needed. This led them to Airvet. Through Airvet, she’s given her patients direct access to safe and effective care with telemedicine. Since then, she’s seen the remarkable assistance Airvet can offer… especially if the owners are still staying home. 

A sense of community has always played a role in her life, and that is shared throughout the business. Every year during the holidays the staff shop for needy children through a local crisis center and we also collect monetary donations for 3 local pet rescue/shelter organizations, resulting in collecting over $2,000 the past few years. 2020 in Kenosha, WI also brought  civil unrest and where most of the downtown and uptown businesses were destroyed. Dr. Wilsey and Dr. Brewer were on the forefront of donating to help those who were impacted.

It’s because of the kindness of veterinarians like Dr. Wilsey that we at Airvet are so honored to be a part of the veterinary industry. We love working with compassionate and caring practitioners and we feel honored to be able to assist them in meeting all of their clients needs. 

Thank you, Dr. Wilsey, for being such a strong leader and pillar in the veterinary industry.