Helping Niko: An Airvet Success Story

Mar 31, 2021

Niko had been suffering from a “lip issue.” When Tawny realized that it was time to take her pitbull to the vet, the office was closed due to a holiday. Luckily for her—and Niko—she was already familiar with Airvet. She logged on to the app and was instantly connected to a licensed veterinarian. Tawny and the doctor jumped on a video call and she even sent photos so the doctor could get a close-up of Niko’s lip. Turns out, Niko’s lip issue was most likely allergy-related, so the vet recommended an OTC antibiotic and a topical cream.

Tawny was so ecstatic about getting Niko treated so quickly that she took to Instagram to share the story with her followers. “It was awesome!” she said in the post. “People do telehealth for themselves these days, so it’s a nice option for our pets too!” she wrote.

Tawny was grateful that Niko, a rescue dog who was reunited with his brother Keiko, wasn’t traumatized by having to see a vet in person. He was treated from the comfort of his home and didn’t even know that he just had a doctor’s appointment. 

Niko was scheduled for another Airvet appointment two weeks later. We hope he’s made a full recovery and is back to palling around with Keiko. Tawny, Niko, and Keiko live in California with one other dog and the rest of their human family. To see more of the brotherly love and get updates on Niko, follow @keiko.and.niko on Instagram or visit this website dedicated to all things Niko and Keiko. 

We’re glad that we were able to help Niko feel better and help Tawny get some peace of mind. Whether it’s a lip issue, a boo-boo, an owie, or an “I shouldn’t have eaten that,” Airvet is here for you, any time, 24/7. Talk to a vet now.