LOS ANGELES – Airvet, the #1-rated telehealth software application in the U.S. for both veterinarians and pet parents according to nearly 5,000 reviews in the Apple App Store, has officially expanded to Canada, the company announced Monday.

The U.S.-based, connective care company is a comprehensive web-based platform, which enables veterinary professionals to streamline their workflows, while enhancing their connection and communication with clients.

“It’s really a one-stop-shop, when it comes to appointment setting, client communications, curb-side check-in, live-video visits, doctor’s notes or dictations, and so much more,” said Brandon Werber, CEO and founder of Airvet. “With my father being a veterinarian, I saw first-hand the challenges he was facing day-in and day-out, so we worked together to create a digital solution, which streamlines back-office tasks, while making veterinary medicine accessible for anyone with a connected device.”

While Airvet was developed and operational before COVID-19, the pandemic increased demand for telehealth options in the veterinary space.

Besides providing curbside check-in and assistance with scheduling, Airvet offers hospitals the ability to streamline surgical communications like sending message and photo updates before, during and after surgeries. Additionally, lab results are easy to share and discuss directly with clients, along with daytime and after-hours triage options.

Airvet also features video and audio calls, text, and photo/video uploads, with the ability for practices to accept no-hassle digital payments. Hospitals have access to a desktop and tablet portal where they can collaborate in real-time with their entire team.

“In the end, Airvet gives more time back to veterinarians and their teams, which means more time to focus on better care for the animals they serve, while enhancing communication between their practices and pet parents,” said Dr. Jeff Werber, Airvet’s co-founder and chief veterinary officer. “We are thrilled to introduce our fully functional, connected care solution to Canada, which will undoubtedly assist Canadian practices with running a more productive practice.”

About Airvet

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Airvet is the leading veterinary telemedicine/telehealth platform in the country. With more than 4,200 veterinarians and nearly 5,000 5-star reviews on the App Store, Airvet’s cloud-based technology offers a unique telemedicine and workflow efficiency platform that enables veterinarians and their teams to connect with clients via live video, audio and chat. Airvet also includes a robust built-in triage and support community of thousands of veterinarians available 24/7 to pet parents across the country. The Airvet app is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

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